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Eduardo Tugendhat

Director, Thought Leadership



Mr. Tugendhat is spearheading Palladium’s pioneering role in the design and execution of positive impact strategies that create enduring economic and social value across complex multi-actor business systems such as supply chains and distribution systems. This involves partnering with companies to develop and implement systemic strategies for sustainable sourcing and inclusive business growth that create long term competitive advantage. He is focused in particular on sustainable sourcing in food and agriculture, textiles, and apparel, distribution of agricultural inputs and health care services and products to the poorest populations, and workforce development through bridging skills gaps.


Mr. Tugendhat is collaborating with Professors Robert Kaplan and George Serafeim of Harvard Business School in developing evidence based case studies and articles on executing and financing shared value strategies at scale. Previously, Eduardo was CEO of CARANA Corporation, now part of Palladium. He started his career at Arthur D. Little. Eduardo graduated from Harvard University and has a master’s from University of Wisconsin.

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