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Award Criteria

The P3 Impact Award team will appoint an independent panel of P3 experts to review and assess applications based on the award criteria. Judges will assess the applications based on the partnership’s operational structure, measurable social impact, innovative approach, financial effectiveness, and scalability.

Please note that the project should demonstrate some, but not necessarily all of the following characteristics:

  • Strength of the cross-sector partnership

  • Measurable results

  • Economic and/or social benefits

  • Improved service delivery

  • Innovative features

  • Financial effectiveness

  • Scalability/replicability

Partnerships may be contacted to provide additional information and participate in brief interviews, if necessary. Finalists will have the opportunity to present their partnership and answer any final questions from the judges at a strategic dialogue session during the Concordia Annual Summit.



Cross-sector partnerships between the following entities are eligible to apply for the award:

  • Public entity and private entity

  • Public entity and nonprofit entity

  • Private entity and nonprofit entity

  • Public entity, private entity, and nonprofit entity

Any partner can submit the application or a third party can nominate a partnership for the award. However, a representative of each partner entity must sign the application form.


If there are any questions regarding award criteria and eligibility, contact the award team: Impact@darden.virginia.edu


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